Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WIZFIT PTE LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") highly values your personal information and complies with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. in connection with the SPORTS NFT (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). Our Privacy Policy informs you of the purpose and method of using the personal information you provide and the measures taken to protect your personal information. Any revisions to the Privacy Policy will be communicated to you through service notices or individual notifications.

Article 1 (Collection and Items of Personal Information)
The Company processes users' personal information for the following purposes. The collected personal information will not be used for any other purpose, and any changes in the purpose of use will require separate consent as per Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. When registering for membership, we collect mandatory items such as profile image, nickname, and email address, and optional items such as birthday, gender, and domestic and foreign information.
2. For conducting events, delivering prizes, and processing taxes, the following information may be collected:
- Event participation: (required) name, mobile phone number
- Prize delivery: (required) Name, address, and mobile phone number
- Payment processing: (required) Name, address, mobile phone number, unique identification information (such as social security number)
3. If you make an inquiry while using the service or report infringement of rights, we may collect your email and mobile phone number to handle your inquiry.
4. Additionally, log information, service usage history, app installation information, etc., may be collected.

Article 2 (Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information)
The Company utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes:

1. Fulfillment of contracts for service provision, including terms and conditions.
2. Member management, including identity confirmation, personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use, age verification, handling complaints, and delivery of notices related to membership services.
3. Development of new services and marketing advertisements, provision of customized services, event and advertising information, access frequency identification, and statistics on service usage by members.

Article 3 (Delegation of Personal Information Processing)
In principle, the Company does not provide users' personal information to outside parties, except in cases where users have given prior consent or in accordance with customary laws and regulations. The Company may entrust the handling of personal information to a third party when necessary for smooth service provision.

- Consignee: 300FIT Corp.
- Entrusted tasks: Marketing and operation tasks
- Personal information retention/use period: Until withdrawal of membership or termination of consignment contract

- Consignees for delivery of goods: Korea Post, Lotte Global Logistics, Logen Logistics, CJ Logistics, KS Express, Wontop
- Consignment business: Delivery of goods
- Period of retention/use of personal information: Until withdrawal from membership or termination of consignment contract

Article 4 (Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information)
In principle, user's personal information shall be destroyed without delay once the purpose of collection and use is achieved. However, certain information may be retained for specific periods due to statutory standards or internal policies.

Article 5 (Destruction of Personal Information)
Personal information of users shall be destroyed without delay once the purpose of collection and use is achieved. The destruction process and methods are as follows:

1. Destruction Procedure:
a) Information entered for membership registration is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose is achieved and stored for a certain period as required by information protection reasons under the internal policy and related laws before being destroyed.
b) Personal information will not be used for any other purpose unless otherwise required by law.
2. Destruction Method:
a) Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.
b) Personal information stored as electronic files is deleted using a technical method preventing record reproduction.

Article 6 (Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and How to Exercise Them)

1. Users may view or modify their personal information at any time and request to cancel their subscription.
2. Users can view, modify, or withdraw their personal information through the "Change Personal Information" or "Modify Membership Information" options, and withdraw membership (consent) after identity verification. Alternatively, users can contact the person in charge of personal information protection through writing, phone, or email for immediate action.
3. If users request correction of errors in their personal information, the Company will not use or provide such information until correction is completed.
4. In case incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, the Company will notify the third party of the correction result for necessary actions.
5. Personal information canceled or deleted at user's request will be processed as specified in the retention and use period of personal information collected by the Company and will not be viewed or used for any other purpose.

Article 7 (Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices)
The Company uses "COOKIE" to store and retrieve usage information for providing users with service convenience. Users can choose to install or refuse to store or delete these cookies.

- Internet Explorer: Select Tools menu > Select Internet Options > Click Privacy tab > Advanced privacy settings > Set cookie level
- Chrome: Select Settings menu > Select Show advanced settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > Set cookie levels
- Safari: Select the Preferences menu > Select the Privacy tab > Set cookie and website data levels
However, refusing to install cookies may affect the use of some services requiring a login.

Article 8 (Technical and Administrative Protection Measures for Personal Information)
The Company implements administrative, technical, and physical measures to ensure personal information safety:

1. Administrative measures: Implementation of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
2. Technical measures: Management of access rights to personal information processing systems, installation of access control systems, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security programs, etc.
3. Physical measures: Access control to computer rooms and data storage rooms.

Article 9 (Personal Information Protection Officer and Contact Information)
The Company has designated the person in charge of personal information protection as follows and will respond promptly and sincerely to inquiries regarding personal information.

[Personal Information Protection Officer]
- Name: Jung Geun-young
- Position: Director
- Affiliation: 300FIT Corp.
- Email: [email protected]

Article 10 (Remedies for Infringement of Rights and Interests)
For personal information infringement, users seeking damage relief or consultation can contact the following organizations:

- Personal Information Infringement Report Center (http://privacy.kisa.or.kr / 118 without area code)
- Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (http://kopico.go.kr / 1833-6972 without area code)
- Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cyber Investigation Division (http://cybercid.spo.go.kr / 1301 without area code)
- National Police Agency Cyber Safety Bureau (http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr / 182 without area code)

Article 11 (Responsibility for Linking Sites)
The Company may provide users with links to other external sites. In such cases, the Company has no control over external sites and cannot be responsible or guarantee the usefulness, truthfulness, and legality of services or materials provided by users from external sites. The privacy policy of linked external sites is independent of the Company, so please review their policy.

Article 12 (Revision of the Privacy Policy)
Any additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents of this Privacy Policy will be notified to users at least 7 days before the revision through the homepage or email.

- Announcement Date: August 1, 2023
- Effective Date: August 1, 2023